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Uncover essential strategies in Business Investment and Attraction (BI&A) that introduce and highlight the benefits of business investment attraction for your community. Gain insights into what motivates existing businesses to expand their operations.


Assessing Readiness: Learn how to determine if your community is 'investment ready.'

Strategic Industry Targeting: Identify your target industry through competitive advantage analysis.

Crafting a Marketing Strategy: Develop an effective Investment Marketing Strategy for your community.

Tools for Attraction: Explore real-world examples of business investment attraction tools.

Site Selectors and FDI: Introduce the crucial topics of Site Selectors and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Site Selection Phases: Understand the different phases of Site Selection.

Measuring Success: Discover methods for measuring the success of your Business Investment Attraction (BI&A) program.

Mitigating Risks: Explore project risk factors and effective risk management


Community Readiness Checklist

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