Project Criteria & Application Process

In this Pilot Project, Match Factor aims to work with a maximum of 10 Alberta businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • A 1-5 year timeline before the business owner wants to sell and retire,
  • $2-20 million CAD in enterprise value, with a minimum profit of $200,000 per year,
  • At least four employees,
  • Work in an industry that does not require provincial accreditation of 100% of the shares (e.g., it cannot be a dental office), and
  • Be located in a community where an economic development professional can help displaced Ukrainians integrate successfully once they arrive in the community.

About the Investors

SuccessionMatching has a pool of investors ready and willing to invest in Alberta businesses now.

About the Workforce

The SuccessionMatching team will be the point of contact for onboarding Ukrainian people who have landed in Canada and match them to the business opportunities.

Your Economic Development Network in Alberta

Toll Free Phone: 1.866.671.8182 

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