Mentorship Program Application

Being A Mentor

  • Recognized as a mentor by their peers.
  • Has the desire and ability to help less experienced people.
  • Sees solutions and opportunities that can help Mentees plan and orchestrate their goals and cope with challenges.
  • Can stimulate a Mentee's thinking and reflection and will commit to timely communication with the Mentor.
  • Actively listens with an open-mind and without judgement.
  • Is empathetic to the experiences and difficulties of a Mentee.
  • Gains satisfaction in building up the self-worth of a colleague or new professional.
  • Assists their Mentee through networking and exploring new connections on behalf of their Mentee.
  • Practiced leadership and interpersonal skills through coaching and communication.
  • Will contribute to the long-term growth of their industry.
  • Can provide a fresh perspective on work-related practices.

Being A Mentee

  • Has reached a point in their career where they could benefit from additional skills, develop deeper industry knowledge, acquire new approaches in municipal government, and grow a connection base that will broaden their industry exposure.
  • They are a self-directed learner, take initiative, solicits and accepts constructive feedback.
  • They want to explore their interests, values, strengths, and career goals.
  • Are able to accept feedback from a mentor and demonstrate appreciation for their suggestion.
  • Are open-minded and show interest in new perspectives.
  • Have a willingness to be present and active (i.e. in meetings, on the phone, in email responses).
  • Have the ability to use tact in communicating a difference of opinion.

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