Community Economic Development as a Career

Why choose Community Economic Development as a career?

  • It is collaborative, fast-paced and creative
  • Gives you the opportunity to be a catalyst for change by working with government and the private sector to build healthy sustainable communities
  • You have a hand in creating local economic opportunities while improving quality of life

 This video below explains what economic developers do:


What are some important skills of community economic developers? 

  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership
  • Team Building 

What factors are involved in Community Economic Development? 

  • Community
  • Wealth Creation
  • Mobilization of Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Financial and Capital Resources
  • Physical Resources
  • Natural Resources
  • Marketable Goods and Services

What does an Economic Development Officer (EDO) do?

  • Conduit to the local business community with the ability to support, encourage and advise local businesses
  • Works closely with the planning department and Council to ensure an understanding and awareness of economic development
  • Strives to have key decision makers part of creating a ‘pro-business’ environment
  • Should be the most knowledgeable person regarding the assets of the community and should be the number one sales person to internal and external markets

  • Possesses critical thinking, great people skills, strong business background, good problem solving skills 

  • Knows how to link to the municipal, provincial and global economic development resources

  • The EDO is a liaison between the economic development committee and/or community, and supports, encourages, and advises local businesses

  • Without a large support staff, the EDO must be able to work effectively with volunteers

  • Works to build community capacity

What are some careers in economic development? 
  • Economic Development Officers
  • Managers of local or regional economic development organizations
  • Business development specialists with municipalities or industry organizations
  • Tourism or recreation specialists

What training is needed?

  • Knowledge and skills can be enhanced through professional development and University programs. 
  • EDA offers the Community Economic Development Training Program(CEDTP); courses designed for economic development practitioners, decision makers such as elected officials and the business community. 
  • Completion of these courses can be applied to the Professional Management Certificate-Economic Developers at the University of Calgary; the Certified Economic Developer Ec.D; or the CeCD Certified by the International Economic Developers Council. 
  • Economic Development Officer (EDO) training is available through several Canadian institutions such as the University of Waterloo

Read more about Professional Certification here.

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