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In order to make our training accessible, we offer our courses in an online format as well as in-person.

These courses can be applied to your Ec.D designation.  They are also eligible for credit towards the Management Certificate-Economic Developers offered through the University of Calgary in conjunction with EDA.  

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Online (University of Calgary)

Establishing the Foundation          (ETF)

This foundation course is the first in our CEDTP series and provides you with the knowledge and skills to become proficient in economic development.

Business Retention & Expansion (BRE)

This course is designed to increase your understanding of the importance of building, retaining and expanding a strong business community; and  to promote the understanding of business retention and expansion (BR&E) as a primary economic development strategy. 

Business & Investment Attraction (BIA)

This course is designed to increase your understanding of the importance of business investment and attraction as a strategy in economic development; and to introduce and profile how business investment attraction can benefit your community.
  • March 8-April 11, 2022

Other Online Courses (Moodle Platform)

Economic Development for Elected Officials

This course is designed specifically for elected officials. Each community, organization, or volunteer approaches community economic development differently. Council members are the leaders of this process, setting the direction for Economic Development to occur. This course will provide elected officials with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to set a clearly defined path for prosperity and gain the necessary support from their community.

New dates coming soon!

Economic Disaster Resilience and Recovery

Disasters do not discriminate. Floods, wildfires and other natural disasters can happen without warning. Factory closures, cyber security breaches, pandemics and major industry shifts can also cause significant economic disruptions. Are you prepared? A disaster can happen anytime, anywhere, and its economic impacts can be catastrophic. This course is designed to help elected officials, economic development officers and other community leaders prepare for and recover from a disaster. It delivers both theoretical and practical steps to help lessen damages to your local economy.

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    Here's what people are saying about our online courses: 

    I found the collaboration between different Economic Developers across multiple municipalities and provinces that we were introduced to in the course to be very valuable , along with the information provided by Natalie Gibson to be extremely informative and comprehensive. - Blake Chartrand MBA, Urban Form & Corporate Strategic Development Economic and Environmental Sustainability,  City of Edmonton AB

    I found the  courses very helpful and I really enjoyed working with other professionals across the province. Not only was the course insightful and timely, I found that it could help even the most seasoned veteran. The networking I experienced was a fantastic side benefit as well.  I'd highly recommend this course for any Economic Development Specialist. - Greg Robinson, Director Community Development & Human Resources, Town of Raymond AB

    Economic practitioners appreciate EDA's new online or e-learning courses. E-learning has many benefits; students can self-pace assignments to suit their schedules, learning styles and complete course work from anywhere and at anytime. The assignments are paced in a way that is manageable for the students; and interaction through-out the four weeks creates an online community similar to a classroom experience. The students are welcomed into the course and encouraged to interact with each other through the discussion board, or in the live group session called Elluminate; both are excellent ways to share ideas and ask questions.  -Natalie Gibson, CEDTP trainer. 

    Meet the CEDTP trainers here

     I liked the online format because it allowed the student to access content whenever they were able. For those who are intimidated by the online concept…this was my first time taking an online course and whenever I had an issue, my instructor, Natalie Gibson, was there with an answer promptly so I was able to continue on easily. I also found great benefit in the ‘Discussion Board’ in that you could interact with other students and learn from their perspective as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this process. What a great way to learn!- Carolyn McIntyre, CED Assistant for the Wildrose Region AB. 


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