Economic Disaster Resilience & Recovery Course 

Disasters don't discriminate. Floods, fires and other natural disasters can happen without warning. Factory closures, cyber security breaches and major industry shifts can also cause significant economic disruptions. 

Are you prepared? A disaster can happen anytime, anywhere, and its economic impacts can be catastrophic.

EDA's one-day workshop is guaranteed to help elected officials, economic development officers and other community leaders prepare for and recover from a disaster. Our workshop delivers practical steps to help lessen damages to your local economy.

Who should attend?

  • Economic Developers
  • Elected Officials
  • CAOs / City Managers
  • Emergency Managers
  • Chamber and other business support organizations
  • Urban planners
  • Economic development committee members
  • Civic organizations
  • Post secondary institutions
  • Other key community stakeholders that have a role to play in business and economic recovery 

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This one-day workshop provides a great introduction to EDA's resilience and recovery program, and includes:

  • An introduction to community economic resilience
  • Phases of a disaster in the context of economic recovery and development
  • Government roles and responsibilities after a disaster
  • Business assistance before and after a crisis
  • Crisis communications
  • Community recovery opportunities 
Community Cost for an in-person workshop: 
  • $1750, includes one trainer and course manuals for 10 participants. $30/manual for groups over 10.
  • For two trainers cost is $2250.
  • Trainer travel fees and hosting logistics (venue and food)

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