Advanced Courses: BRE & BIA 

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE)

  • To increase participants’ understanding of the importance of building, retaining and expanding a strong business community
  • To promote understanding of business retention and expansion (BR&E) as a primary economic development strategy

Specific topics include:

  • To identify how to plan, establish and manage a BR&E program;
  • To provide examples of Business Visitation Programs (BVPs), Import Replacement Programs (IRPs) and other BR&E programs;
  • To outline the critical nature of ‘red flags,’ (issues or challenges to local businesses) and how to respond;
  • To encourage an entrepreneurial and ‘pro-business’ environment of support for business;
  • To present the concept of business incubation and nurturing HBBs;
  • To summarize the governments’ roles in BR&E programs; and
  • To provide resources for supporting and sustaining business.

Business and Investment Attraction (BIA)

  • To increase participants’ understanding of the importance of business investment and attraction as a strategy in economic development.    

  • To introduce and profile how business investment attraction can benefit your community.
  • To understand what encourages existing businesses to expand their operations.

Specific topics include:

  • Ways to determine if your community is in fact ‘investment ready’;
  • How to identify your target industry through competitive advantage analysis;
  • How to create an Investment Marketing Strategy;
  • Examples of business investment attraction tools;
  • Introducing the topic of Site Selectors;
  • Different phases of Site Selection;
  • Introducing the topic of foreign direct investment;  
  • Methods of measuring your BI&A program success; and
  • Always remember the risk factor in all projects.

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