EDA Mentorship Program

Are you you are interested in a rewarding leadership opportunity? Do you want advise? Guide? And share knowledge? 

Or, do you want to learn and grow in your career with support and counsel from a senior economic development professional?

If you an EDA Member, then join the EDA Mentorship Program.

The EDA Mentorship Program is exclusive to EDA members and designed to build professional relationships among economic developers who are looking for guidance or who are seasoned professionals that have knowledge to share.

Our Mentorship Program offers a match making process where both parties would benefit through learning and development. 

Click on the photo of EDA Board Director Pat Nicol to hear her describe the EDA Mentorship Program.

The EDA Mentorship Program application deadline is June 26, 2020.

Mentors and mentees will be matched and notified by July 3, 2020. 

The mentor-mentee relationship can help someone through a challenging project, advise on a career move, or be a sounding board for new ideas. In our program, the mentor and mentee decide the scope of the relationship and ways to confidentially.  Mentors and Mentees partnering are done based on best fit and as the result of the questionnaires filled out by mentors and mentees (need, abilities, and location). Click on the buttons below to apply. 

Economic Development professionals just starting off often find themselves in situations that can be daunting and overwhelming having a key a contact that you can pick up the phone or drop an email to and ask their opinion or get guidance from, is extremely valuable. 

EDA is fortunate to have many experienced and well-rounded professionals in its membership who have a great deal of knowledge and understanding in a variety of topics and industries. 

Mentorship Purpose

To develop a relationship that can provide insights and opportunities to expand knowledge, develop or improve upon work related soft-skills for career progression and to achieve meaningful goals.

An opportunity for professional development and leadership opportunities for mentors to provide advice and guidance, as well as share relevant knowledge, perspectives, and experiences with the Mentee.

Mentees will receive information, advice, and guidance from a seasoned economic development professional in a nonjudgmental way, gaining developing industry skills.

The outcome for mentees will be to gain self-confidence and experience as an economic development professional and will advance their abilities to recognize opportunities, while learning to cope with situations that are beyond our control.

Being A Mentor

  • Recognized as a mentor by their peers.
  • Has the desire and ability to help less experienced people.
  • Sees solutions and opportunities that can help Mentees plan and orchestrate their goals and cope with challenges.
  • Can stimulate a Mentee's thinking and reflection and will commit to timely communication with the Mentor.
  • Actively listens with an open-mind and without judgement.
  • Is empathetic to the experiences and difficulties of a Mentee.
  • Gains satisfaction in building up the self-worth of a colleague or new professional.
  • Assists their Mentee through networking and exploring new connections on behalf of their Mentee.
  • Practiced leadership and interpersonal skills through coaching and communication.
  • Will contribute to the long-term growth of their industry.
  • Can provide a fresh perspective on work-related practices.

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Being A Mentee

  • Has reached a point in their career where they could benefit from additional skills, develop deeper industry knowledge, acquire new approaches in municipal government, and grow a connection base that will broaden their industry exposure.
  • They are a self-directed learner, take initiative, solicits and accepts constructive feedback.
  • They want to explore their interests, values, strengths, and career goals.
  • Are able to accept feedback from a mentor and demonstrate appreciation for their suggestion.
  • Are open-minded and show interest in new perspectives.
  • Have a willingness to be present and active (i.e. in meetings, on the phone, in email responses).
  • Have the ability to use tact in communicating a difference of opinion.

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