• EDA Insurance/Group Benefits Program

EDA Insurance/Group Benefits Program

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) has created benefit programs designed to make the necessary purchase of insurance easy for our members.

Complete health and dental benefit plans

• Owner Operator plans, designed for 1 or 2 people

• Fully pooled packaged plans

• Customized full coverage benefit plans

• Local superior service and administration

Liability insurance

• Broad policy wording

• Competitive prices

• "Add-on" coverage and deductible options

Retirement Plans

  • RRSP Plans

• Employee retention tools

• No fees to the employer

• Time saving, state of the art administration

• Immediate tax benefits

Individual Pension Plan

• Assets can be moved from the business to the owner on a tax deductible basis, protecting assets from creditors

• Owner receives non-taxable interest

• All costs associated with the IPP are tax deductible to the sponsoring company

To download a copy of our Benefits Brochure click here.

For more information or to register for any of our Benefit Programs call 1-888-298-7752 and identify yourself as an EDA member or email info@icbabenefits.ca.

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