• Turning Your Board Members into Owners of Change

Turning Your Board Members into Owners of Change

  • September 26, 2013
  • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
  • online
Everyone agrees that learning to lead and manage change is essential for the long-term stability and health of economic development organizations. Coming up with strategies to achieve significant, high-stakes organizational change is one thing; actual transformation is another. Whether you are developing and testing a new member service, or planning an international expansion, history has taught that one of the most important barriers to large-scale change is the absence of a rock-solid board commitment.

Discuss new ways to engage with board members and generate innovative initiatives. This results-oriented process will energize and captivate your board members, deeply involving them in a process through which they will take ownership of change initiatives and commit to seeing them through, both financially and politically.

Doug Eadie will bring his 25 years of experience of working with over 500 organizations, as well as information from his new book "Leading Out-of-the-Box Change," which is only one of his 19 books and over 100 articles. 
Kurt Foreman will give the perspective of a practitioner who has used many strategies to attract new business and investment to the market, and retain and grow existing businesses. He has a lot of experience working with stakeholders and other supporters of growth. These are some of the strategies he uses and will discuss during the webinar:

• Learn the three roles a chief executive must play as the "Innovator in Chief"
• Discover a structure for your board to engage in high-level change
• Grasp new strategies to evolve board members into owners of change

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