• Webinar: The Future of Economic Development- Talent Rules

Webinar: The Future of Economic Development- Talent Rules

  • January 22, 2013
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) is pleased to offer its next Marketing Masters Webinar, titled "The Future of Economic Development- Talent Rules."

Companies are struggling to meet their skilled staffing needs now and for the foreseeable future.  Access to a talent pool of the critical skills needed to move their company forward is now driving the expansion location choices for many firms.

Recruitment Problem Trends


The recent economic meltdown has masked the magnitude of the workforce problem for company executives. However, 2011/2012 Synchronist North American Data Study trend data shows pressure quickly building in the teapot as 50% of firms NOW report struggling with recruitment problems. Blane, Canada Ltd. predicts that within 24 months, recruitment problems will match or exceed the 2007 peak of 61% in the US. In Canada, 59% of Canadian executives struggle with recruitment problems TODAY.

Addressing the Issues


What are economic professionals doing to address this growing concern among their existing companies and those firms they hope to attract?


To keep and attract the talent needed to run today’s companies will require rethinking what work is, how it is done, and where and when it happens. The ability to attract and retain talent will determine a region’s economic prosperity now and the future.  With the looming acceleration of baby-boomer retirement, and the demographically shrinking workforce, filling the key positions will require a major shift in how, when, when, who, and where work gets done.  Flexibility, inclusion, and collaboration will require rethinking our business models, operations, the workforce, and the very nature of work itself.


Steps to Ensure the Talent Pipeline


Learn from a panel of experts:

  • Short-term solutions - Tactics & strategies;
  • Mid-term - How to strengthen the talent pool;
  • Forward think - How to create the talent pipeline for the future.

Companies’ immediate needs today cannot wait for long-term solutions to take effect.  What can be done to address their need to fill skilled job vacancies today?  Re-engaging individuals who have left the workforce, providing flexible/alternative work environments, deconstructing tasks, rethinking business models, reinventing the workforce, and changing operations.


Building the talent pipeline to assure a flow of talent for years to come is the focus of forward looking communities.  Early childhood development programs, school mentoring programs, internships, and efforts are being undertaken to create a talent pipeline for the future.     


Join us on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 for this 90 minute webinar provided by the Professional Learn Lab, dedicated to your professional development, to hear from a panel of thought leaders as to learn how they are meeting these challenges.


Register today. Hosted by Dean Whittaker of Whittaker Associates Inc.

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