• Webinar: Leveraging Cultural Anchors to Tell Your Community's Story

Webinar: Leveraging Cultural Anchors to Tell Your Community's Story

  • December 15, 2011
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) is pleased to offer its next Marketing Masters Webinar, titled "Leveraging Cultural Anchors to Tell Your Community's Story".

Every town/community has a story to tell! Even a ghost town!

There is no excuse for the attitude "We don't have anything in this town." Sadly, we hear this all the time – in communities of all sizes – as we travel on consulting assignments. We see it in the me-too marketing materials.

The story differentiates the community and draws people in. No story, no differentiation, just another nice town.

Learn how to leverage your cultural anchors to clarify your story in this insightful webinar. Whether promoting your community for tourism or economic investment every town needs to be able to tell its story.

In this webinar Marci Penner will share the fundamentals using the Kansas Sampler Foundation’s step by step model to build your community’s story using cultural anchors. With this model, you will turn up fascinating facts and unique places. You might find places, stores, or statues that people either couldn't see even though they are in plain sight or off-the-beaten track and forgotten gems.

The Cultural Anchors model was originally developed for small and rural communities, but the principles apply to communities of all sizes. They can stimulate tourism or support business attraction.

This model is a great way for any marketer to take a fresh look at their community.

Don’t miss this webinar!

What You Will Learn:

Eight Organizing Cultural Anchors

Assessment Steps and Strategies

Plan How-To Tell the Story

Find Your Voice: Telling Your Story

Real World Success Stories

Featured Speaker- Marci Penner

Marci Penner is the Executive Director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation. Marci presents dozens of speeches, slide shows, game shows, and seminars in Kansas and beyond each year. She consults daily with Kansas communities and often with other states interested in the concepts of the Kansas Sampler Foundation. Some of the better known Sampler projects are the annual Kansas Sampler Festival, the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers for which Marci traveled to every one of the 627 incorporated cities in Kansas to research, the Kansas Explorers Club, the Rural Kansas: Come & Get It project, and the 8 Wonders of Kansas contests and guidebook.


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