• Webinar: Organic Entrepreneurship: How to Turn Your Town into an Incubator

Webinar: Organic Entrepreneurship: How to Turn Your Town into an Incubator

  • June 22, 2010
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) is pleased to offer its next Marketing Masters Webinar, titled Organic Entrepreneurship: How to Turn Your Town into an Incubator. As in the past, EDA members and friends are eligible for preferred pricing.

Building a successful entrepreneurial program is not easy. Ask anyone who has tried. Then, there is Fairfield, Iowa. Fairfield shows us you can build an entrepreneurial culture in a community. Fairfield has been a model of entrepreneurial success with three times the national average of entrepreneurs. With over sixty companies’ headquartered in Fairfield, it has created jobs faster than the population of 9,500 can bear. Consequently, over 2,000 workers commute in from nearby counties. These are just a few of the reasons why Fairfield, Iowa is the entrepreneurial capital of rural America or “Silicorn Valley”.


Take the “entrepreneurial pulse” of your community than apply the tried-and-tested methods to grow and nurture the entrepreneurial class. Turn your town into an “incubator” that provides what entrepreneurs need to succeed in rural communities and how community support plays a pivotal role.


Burt Chojnowski, our featured authority will discuss how to create a new entrepreneurial class, strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem and provide insight into how failed businesses become stepping-stones for innovation.

With his work in Fairfield and beyond, Burt has helped define the rural economic gardening strategies that support homegrown businesses and create stable jobs across rural America. Burt is the former president of the Fairfield Iowa Entrepreneurs Association and is chairman of Fairfield First! He has been involved in dozens of startup companies and helped raised nearly $100 million in venture capital for rural high tech companies.

Burt will share some of the innovative, low cost strategies he helped create to support an entrepreneurial culture including:

  • Thinking inside the box: local living economies
  • Moving existing companies from “good to great”
  • Access to alternative financing
  • Creating vibrant downtowns and economic gardening “hot spots”
  • Community branding

Invest in your career. Invest in your community's success. Join us for a conversation with the sparkplug that raised the bar and put Fairfield, IA on the map as a rural entrepreneurial hot-spot. Bring your questions. Bring your curiosity. Bring your team!


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