System-Wide Upgrades Will Benefit You

There is a system wide upgrade to the ExecutivePulse CRM System:

The improvements include:

  • Streamlined Navigation—Less Clicks
  • More Intuitive and Expansive User Interface
  • Full “At a Glance” Data Views and Chronologies
  • Powerful New Reports and Analytics
  • Powerful New Comment Functionality and Interface
  • Enhanced Communication Tools
  • New File Views and Expanded Functionality
  • Expanded User Preferences 

Features of this CRM System:

  • STREAMLINED NAVIGATION-  Go to any Portfolio and see how dramatically the right panel Gadget navigation has changed. From the Gadget, you can now update, delete, copy, etc. with one click. These menu choices are dynamically generated – based on the type of entity you are working with. So, choices for a Contact will be different than choices for a Project. This streamlined navigation is also now embedded in grids throughout the system to include Power Search, Related Items, and Search features. 
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGN MODULE- The all-new Email Campaign feature allows you to streamline communication, monitor & bolster response rates, and get relevant analytics on each Email Campaign. This feature can be used as a standalone option or – better yet – combined with our new Survey Builder (beta) for even more powerful functionality. 
  • SURVEY BUILDER MODULE (beta)- We are now providing the functionality of off-the-shelf survey building software within the ExecutivePulse CRM. Build your own surveys from within our CRM. There is no need to use a third-party survey system and deal with “data exchange” or “orphaned data.” Survey responses are linked directly to client Companies and Contacts within the ExecutivePulse CRM! 
  • ANALYTICS REPORT ENHANCEMENTS- Within any Portfolio (Company, Contact, Group, Project, Tag, etc.) check out the new Profile Report. These reports provide a comprehensive and customizable view about the history of any entity in the CRM. This feature is made even better because we wrapped it in our new report booklet format featuring your logo, graphics, and more. 
  • RESOURCE MODULE- This new functionality allows you to “map” economic development organizations and related resource programs into the ExecutivePulse CRM. Once this data has been entered into the database system, you can easily create dynamically generated Resource Guides. For example: Show all business financing programs available in our community. This feature also allows you to create “automated” referrals for service. Interested? Contact us. 
  • ENHANCED USER PREFERENCES- We continue to expand user preferences and customization of the CRM so that everyone can configure the system to work the way they want. You already have the ability to select a masthead and corresponding color scheme, portfolio widgets, search and privacy options, and much more. We are now offering preferences for Analytics and Custom Reports. Instead of selecting criteria each time you run a report, you’ll have the ability to set and save specific “default” reporting preferences. 
  • ENHANCED CUSTOM REPORTS- We are now offering Custom Reports in a new, nicely formatted report booklet complete with your system masthead, modern graphics, and – in many instances – a table of contents. See for yourself. Many of these Custom Reports feature our new User Preferences so you can easily set up one-click analytics. Run a Custom Report today! 
  • DYNAMIC DATA IMPORTER FEATURE- Many of you already use our Data Importer feature to import large amounts of external data into ExecutivePulse. This feature employs our standard or your custom data import templates which we build and deploy for you. Many of you asked if we could allow you to create your own data import templates. This is now possible through our Dynamic Data Importer. We have expanded the Data Importer feature to allow you to create custom import templates based on the data that you have and want to import into the system. 
  • SHARING POWER SEARCH FEATURE- Many of you that use the Power Search (user defined query) have asked if it is possible to share saved searches with other users. This sharing option is now a standard feature in the system. We are even allowing you to selectively share searches with groups of users. Contact us today to arrange a quick demo on how this feature works! 
  • CLONING FEATURE- We are now providing an easy way to copy information from one Contact or User to another. This feature should come in very handy when you are adding multiple Contacts working at the same physical business address or when you are adding multiple users from the same organization with similar access rights. To use the Clone feature, simply click on Options menu from within any Contact or User Portfolio. 
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECT FEATURE-  Many of you wanted an easy way to create Economic Development Projects. This new feature provides almost endless possibilities for community, economic, and workforce development projects. Like Companies and Contacts, Economic Development Projects are primary entities (parents) in the CRM. You can do everything from creating Action Items to attaching Files to linking Contacts and/or Companies to these entities and much more. 
  • DISASTER RECOVERY FORMS, ANALYTICS, AND REPORTS MODULE- We’ve all been witness to increasingly severe natural disasters. ExecutivePulse has worked with the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia on a number of disaster recovery projects over the past few years. We believe that most economic developers should be planning for these types of events and are happy to provide this functionality to your CRM. 
  • MICROSOFT OUTLOOK ADD-IN MODULE-  Every couple of weeks, we upgrade and enhance our Microsoft Outlook Add-In. This is a very popular module for ExecutivePulse clients. The Microsoft Outlook Add-In provides seamless integration of Calendar Events, Contacts and Emails between Microsoft Outlook and the ExecutivePulse CRM. Important: Our Add-In is only available for Microsoft Windows. If you are a Mac user, there are other options to send email from your computer to the ExecutivePulse CRM.
  • OPTIMIZATION AND BUG FIXES- As always, we continue to optimize the system – specifically in menus, reports, and searches. We also continue to squash any bugs that you bring to our attention. 

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The feedback of users across Canada, the United States – and now, Australia – provides impetus for the design and development of new features and modules. Most system enhancements and bug fixes are also driven by your feedback. 

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