EDRP Summary Report

The Economic Disaster Recovery Project (EDRP) Summary Report is overview of recommendations for flood impacted communities, as well as a range of recommendations for other key stakeholders and organizations involved with economic recovery work.

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In response to the unprecedented flooding in Alberta in June 2013, EDA partnered with the British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA) to develop and implement the EDRP; a volunteer-led initiative equipping economic development professionals in flood-impacted communities with the tools and best practice information to re-establish their community’s economic competitiveness.

This report provides a summary of the EDRP Team’s recommendations, as well as some new recommendations specifically created for other public, private and non-profit stakeholders that have the ability to help influence, and more efficiently respond to future economic disruptions.

The EDRP was designed as a unique blended learning opportunity to provide economic development practitioners, and those in supporting roles, with both theoretical and practical training. It has several elements one of which is community consultations where volunteers conducted site visitations and planning sessions with each of the participant communities. The recommendations in the summary report were derived from these community consultations.



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